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For my first attempt at a Tarot Blog Hop, I figured…what better way to discuss the topic than to pull an actual card representing this changing of the Wheel? I pulled a card…and got Nine of Pentacles from my Fantastical Tarot Deck.
I couldn’t imagine why(wink wink), what better of a card to pull for this change into the Fall Equinox…as we all prepare for the “death” of warm weather, plants, and sometimes historically or not depending on if you live on a farm…livestock. For it was when cattle was brought back down from pasture to be slaughtered. Being weak, or in an attempt to stock up for the impending cold and Winter months. As we also prepare for the cold weather, we are almost to the last and final harvest of the year. The Second Harvest is now upon us.
The death of another cycle, but it’s not all bad. For in certain terms it is considered horrible. It can have a positive aspect as well. Devotion and faith are also brought into the mix. Both can be an extreme positive!

The Nine of Swords, while looking slightly bleak, can also be an empowerment. Instead of it being negative as one would assume…a myth. It is not at all bad that we go through a death of seasons. We know it’s not the end but moreover the start of a new beginning. To better prepare ourselves this year than last…we learn from these past mistakes. No learning happens from no mistakes.
A man covering his head, two of the nine swords cross in front of him. He is shielding his head, while the other seven are above him. A time for sacrifice, harvest must also mean cutting our losses. Not necessarily a bad thing though.
Our Lord is also preparing for his death at Samhain…we know he will return. We must prepare for his return and stay positive…shielding our bounties until that time. Seeing as how the Nine of Swords also signifies the Lord of Cruelty, we know we are in for quite a ride these next few months. 

To me, this myth is one of the great indicators of how we should lead our lives. Knowing that we will have to endure death, change, lonliness, and possibly others…just to see the greatness return in our lives. Be thankful for what we have, when we have it. The Lord and Lady will always provide, but this is the time in which we must prepare ourselves…mind and body, for the darker months. Staying positive in our Lord, that he will return soon…keeping out heads up and never failing to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He will be reborn, as the wheel will keep turning. Such is life…the birth and death of something new. 

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