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Answers to your Questions about Tarot Reading: A Question about Questions

Here’s a question from Linda.

What are your recommendations on beginning a tarot reading with a question from the client (please address if you would “re-phrase” a question) vs. “let’s just see what comes up”. There seems to be differing viewpoints on this in the tarot community.

Thanks for the question, Linda.

There is some controversy in the tarot community even about rephrasing questions. I believe we have a right and a responsibility to rephrase questions, and to break a single question into many questions in order to give a complete reading.

We can rephrase a question in a way that empowers the client and gives the client the opportunity to allow tarot to suggest proactive solutions.

We can rephrase a question to help get to the root of a problem and discover the underlying issues of which the client may not yet be aware.

When beginning a reading some readers like to start with a question, others prefer to see what they see first. I fall into the second category. But, I don’t believe one way is better than another – it’s all a matter of personal style.

I believe a good reader should be able to give a competent reading using either method. I also believe each reader needs to find an efficient way of using the cards to answer questions. My preference is to use the cards in dialogue, rather than in a complex spread.

Enjoy the video!

Video of Christiana Gaudet Answers a Question about Questions