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The Significance of Number Nine

Listening to the beginning of Christiana Gaudet’s interpretation of the Moon Card on the Tarot Summit, struck a chord with me when she spoke of the importance of the number nine.  The Moon, as card 18, reduces to the number nine. As most of my tarot friends know, I identify with the 9 of pentacles as my personal card.

However, the number nine figures into my life in many other ways, also. I decided to take a look at the nine  card in the other three suits.

The 9 of Cups, in the Rider deck, signifies contentment, and satisfaction. Reversed, it may mean imperfections and mistakes. Yes, I am contented in my world. And, yes, I am quite capable of making mistakes along my way.

The 9 of Swords is a card of depression and despair.  Of course, given my current life circumstances, and events that have happened over the years, I am prone to bouts of depression.

But then we have the 9 of Wands. He is battle weary, but still standing. I am battle weary, but still holding on. I will stand and fight for my survival when necessary.

The Moon card, itself, is emotion, and intuition, but can also mean fear of the unknown, and distrust. I identify with all these traits. I tend to be very emotional.  I feel I have a deep intuition that guides me through life. I have a fear of the unknown at times, and I distrust until I know someone, or something, will not harm me.

The Hermit card is also a number 9 card. I live the life of a hermit—I seek guidance from deep within my own soul. I want nothing more than to be able to shine my light on those in need of guidance, hence my love for reading tarot.

In the real world, my birth month is the ninth month. My house number is nine.  The numbers of letters on my license plate, along with the number four that is on it, add up to nine.

This all brings me back to the 9 of Pentacles—my card. This is the card of peaceful contentment within my home, with nature, with my animals, and with my own soul. Yes, I do believe I am a “nine!”

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