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There are a lot of tarot resources on the internet. There are tarot community websites, review sites and groups on social media sites.

I have friends who participate in a lot of online tarot activities. I am so busy creating my own online tarot stuff- webinars, webcasts and videos – that I don’t have time for a lot else.

I do like to peruse the Facebook tarot groups and participate in conversations when I can. Yesterday I happened to be strolling through one of my favorites, Tarotholics Anonymous, and noticed someone was looking for a copy of a deck of which I have multiple new copies, and wanting to trade a deck I happen to want.

Long story short, I now have a new friend, an unused deck of mine is about a get a new home and I am about to receive a deck I have been wanting for a while. It’s not an out of print deck so I could have just ordered it online, but this is so much more fun.

I often forget to think about tarot as a hobby. For me it is my profession and my spiritual path, but it is a darn good hobby as well.

There are a lot of hobbies that have trading as a component. Apparently tarot is one of them.

Isn’t it amazing that after almost thirty years of working with tarot I have discovered a new aspect of tarot?