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The recent broadcast of Attune Magazine Sessions featured Chana Liora. She led us through an exercise where we were told to pick a tarot or oracle card, or picture an image of our choice, and were given a timed limit to just write, and keep writing without hesitation, and without worry of spelling, grammar, or perfection, whatever thoughts came to us during that time, about the image. I randomly drew the Tree card from the Earth Magic Oracle deck, and what follows are my spontaneous thoughts regarding the image and subject:


Tree – grounding—trees grow strong, but trees can also be weak. They need the life forces, just as we do. They need sun, rain, earth, nutrients. Without all that, a tree cannot reach its full potential. We are like trees. We start as a seed, we are born, we need nourishment. But we can reach huge potentials. We can also be toppled easily during adversity, much as a tree can fall from high, punishing winds. But if our roots are strong, we can weather the storm. If we learn to bend with the winds instead of fighting against them, we can survive and continue to grow. We need rest, too, as the tree rests in the wintertime. We rebuild our foundations and come back to our full beauty.