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Post Category: Community Blog

Working in groups is tough to do. Looking at what’s going on in Washington right now shows us that even those we elect to represent us don’t always know how to compromise and work together.

When we become set in our ways we become like a rock – solid and unmoving, like the element of Earth.

Also like the element of Earth, we believe that our way is the way that is most solid, and best for our survival. Really, when we do that we are like the element of Earth in another way. We are stuck in the mud!

If we are working in a group with someone who is being an unmovable rock it is often our tendency to act as they do as we represent our own interests. But rock against rock only creates sparks. Generally these are not the sparks of inspiration, but instead the sparks of anger and destruction.

Sadly, if we try to use the Air element of communication and reason our best efforts are often lost on those who are stuck in their own beliefs. They won’t hear us and they won’t see our logical viewpoints.

Water is the element of love and compassion. Water will carve a rock and shape it over time. When we find ourselves in a situation dealing with people acting as unmovable rocks, unwilling to compromise and cooperate, we need to send the situation love and compassion in great abundance.

The Water energy of love and compassion is the only energy that can create change in this situation.

It’s hard to send loving, compassionate energy to those who make us angry and those whose policies we can’t support. But, like water on the rocks, eventually we will create something new.