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Today’s question comes from Natalie.

I was wondering about the Knight of Cups. I understand that since he is a knight he is in pursuit of something, but he also seems to be offering something as well. Does this knight usually depict romantic love? A potential suitor? Or could it be an aspect of the querent? Someone who should pursue love as in their career, dreams, art, etc. with cups being the most dreamy, emotional, and fluid element.

If so, how and when can you tell the difference?

That’s a great question. When we interpret all tarot cards we have the same challenge; any tarot card could mean a great number of things. Here are three tips to help you.

First, use your intuition. Sometimes you just know.

Second, remember that more than one meaning for a card may be true at the same time in the same reading.

Third, as James Wells often says, pay attention to context. That is, see how the card fits in to the context of the question. You can also think about context in terms of the surround cards.

You are right that the Knight of Cups could indicate a suitor, or even encourage the querent to be a suitor.

The Knight of Cups could also give advice to pursue something that is close to your heart.

Addionally, the Knight of Cups could indicate a child or predict a romantic trip!

Enjoy the video.

Thanks, Natalie, for your question.

Video of Answers to your Questions about Tarot: The Knight of Cups