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The Major Arcana Haunted House Tour ©


Ring the doorbell, and the Fool opens the door. He sends you on a journey through the labyrinth that winds throughout the house. Not having a clue where you will go, and what lies ahead, you first encounter the Magician. He dazzles you with magick tricks and illusions that you have never seen before. You are mesmerized by his abilities.


In a darkened corner lit only by candles, sits the High Priestess. She is dressed as the Oracle of Delphi, and offers answers to all of your questions, with her deep, quiet wisdom. The Empress is watching over the smaller children, making sure they are not overly frightened. She is very protective of them. Standing by is the Emperor. He oversees the entire house, guaranteeing everyone will be safe. He is strong, and ready to protect all from unseen, outside harm.


The Hierophant has faith that all will be safe and have fun, if they all abide by the rules. Of course, there will always be those who will stray and find their own fun. The Lovers are in a dark corner, snuggling together, and enjoying the giggles and excited screams from the visitors. They are content to just be together and watch the fun. The Chariot is standing by, ready to transport visitors to and from remote parking areas, since this is a popular yearly event, and draws a crowd night after night until Halloween is over.


Strength walks up and down the halls with her lion. She chuckles at how scared everyone is of her pet, knowing that when she tamed her big, overgrown kitty, she also tamed her own inner beast. The Hermit shines his light on several pathways. You must decide by your own inner sense which path you should choose. Along the way, visitors are urged to play the Wheel of Fortune—round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows! She may lead you to the safety of an exit, or deeper into the darkness. Justice stands by to be sure everyone has a fair chance, and there is no manipulation going on.


As you travel down another dim hallway, you encounter the Hanged Man. He is dressed as a skeleton, explaining that it took him too long to hang around trying to decide what move to make next, and that is how he ended up a skeleton of his previous self. Death is nearby, smirking when he hears the Hangman’s story. He tells you that nothing pleases him more than someone who cannot bury the past and move into the future.


Temperance is the next Major you encounter. Temperance conducts a brief yoga exercise to relax you, then offers a light, refreshing drink before you continue the tour.  In a room illuminated with red lights, the Devil awaits, tempting you will all kinds of vices that are bad or dangerous. You are reminded by pictures of Strength on the walls of the room, that you can resist these temptations. If you give in to them,  Chariot is standing by to drive you back to the beginning, and you will not be allowed to continue the tour.


As you travel along, you hear screaming and see fire and smoke billowing from a tower. People are falling from the tower, over and over again. The scene appears to be violent, but the Tower explains that sometimes it takes a catastrophe, or sudden change to wake you up, especially if you have been too complacent.


As you pass through the Tower room, you enter an area where a bright Star hangs overhead. The Star urges you to follow your dreams, but be careful what you wish for—it may not be what you truly want, or turn out the way you think it will.


A hallway leading to the next room is lit by a beautiful Moon. The Moon causes many emotions to arise inside you. It lights your way through the darkness, but there are also ghosts and goblins that pop up here and there to remind you that not everything is the way you see it. Hidden dangers can be all around you. Out of this darkness comes a brightly shining light. The Sun is there to remind you that there is hope and love ahead. The darkness will end, and the Sun will prevail.


Judgment is in the last room, asking how you felt during the trip. What did you learn about yourself? What lessons did you learn along the way? Did you recognize the changes you need to make in your life? Can you forgive yourself, and others?


After all questions are answered, and you have understood the reason for the journey, past the frightful fun time, you emerge again into the World—giddy about the fun you had, but enlightened by the lessons learned.


Joanne Matthew (2013)