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Yes, I know I’m a teeny bit late…that’s okay. The meaning is still there, haha!

I figured that today, being the day of Samhain(although publishing this a couple days after), would be as good as any to see what the cards had in store. I’ve had a very eventful and meaningful week. Things have been coming to me, and quite unexpectedly.

First, I was perusing the web(facebook to be exact), on one of the pages I admin for. I came across an ad to enter into a contest. If you are familiar at all…Gaelsong is a wonderful, if slightly pricey, place to get certain pieces that I find amazing! The quality is of the utmost…hence the prices…usually, lol.
Anywho, they had a cover to their magazine displayed…asking you to answer how it made you feel or what it made you think of. You could answer in any way as “no answer was wrong”, I decided to whip up a quick little story and see what happened. I actually liked this story that I came up with, and figured what the heck! Entered it…and that’s the beginning of the craziness to ensue.
On the cover, amongst a few other things typical to a midnight Samhain theme…sat two owls. Now, mind you, I’ve been seeing owls everywhere as of late. Starting with my daughters birthday party scheme in late March…I’ve been seeing and even hearing them quite a bit. I feel like maybe I have been adopted by a new familiar! As I’ve come to research more on the owl, this is some of what I gathered from many resources on owls as familiars;

  • Intuition, ability to see what other do not see
  • The presence of the owl announces change
  • Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks
  • Prochecy and Wisdom
  • The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change




Long story short…my story won second place, and I feel that a lot of signs have been popping up as of late. This just adds to the many as of late…I wouldn’t have entered had I not seen the ad, true…but on a whim? I think it has more meaning…

You see, I used to write a lot, and put it down for quite some time. Now, I’m thinking better of it.
I’m getting off the beaten path here. Which as you will note, happens quite frequently with me, haha!
I decided, to pull a card to see what this new year has in store for me, “what exactly, should I know about the new year?” The following might surprise you as well…but definitely is a pleasant one at that! 


I had one “jumper” and then I pulled another, wondering what would have been in the next card.
So, I got “Temperance”(the jumper), and “The Empress”…both extremely important and symbolic. If I am to learn anything from this past year, it’s to trust my gut…use my intuition…and go for it! Whatever “it” may be!!!
Extremely interesting to get not one, but two from the Major Arcana! Both extremely feminine in quality, while possesing a great deal of knowledge and empowerment! This is not to say that they are just meant for us females, no…not in the least. As we all know there is always two sides to the story, to life, and in general. No light without dark or black without white. No female energy, without the male counterpart.

Having “Temperance” actually be a jumper for the things to come this year, means a great deal! One of serenity, harmony, happy changes, communication, friendships, balance, and a deep and lasting relationship among other things…I feel this is a wonderful sign. A great and promising change to the negativity that has been all but expelled from my being. I have been dying to rid myself of unwanted negativity, if you weren’t already aware. I feel this is what I need to see! As this card is also described as a “quiet, trustful woman following a course of sensibility and intuition. With her vital water, she offers stability and energy.” Exactly what I have been feeling as of late! Just as Water is symbolic of life and of the spreading of knowledge…so I am too, hoping to do the same. In my writings and dealings with those who might have been otherwise unaware or unwise to a certain situation.

I do hope to continue writing, as I am being pulled back to it…and I feel it is yet, another calling of positivity and creativity…as with the next card I received.

“The Empress” ~ “Serenity is the feminine energy of the Empress. She personifies creativity, beauty, sympathy, graciousness, and charm. Her wise and luminous face reflects intellectual fertility, energy, and know-how. She is the symbol of comprehension and communication, as she is receptive to new ideas. She is aware of her internal fierceness and her mental power; she controls events, and doubts fade. Those around her respect and accept her authority.”

What a beautiful addition to what I’m being told, don’t you think? If I wasn’t empowered to act on my artistry and mothering before, I am now…haha!
As I’m coming more into the middle “Mother” stage of my life, I am beginning to realize a lot, and am becoming more wise to certain ideals, ways, and thoughts. Mine and others as well. To actually materialize my thoughts…and actually continue my creativity, is what seems to be the answer for me. Cultivation of creativity, fertility, motherhood, recptivity, understanding, fast success, harmony, sweetness, stability, wise advice, art, poetry…just to pull from the meaning set forth from this card. 

In closing, I feel this year has a lot of good in store for not only myself…but hopefully others as well. We all need more of the above in our life. More positivity, more understanding, and realizations of our dreams coming to fruition. Believing in ourselves and in general, helping others to achieve the very same thing. As I said above, you don’t particularly have to be female to see and feel the meaning in these two positively charged cards!

What do you feel this means for you?
What other kinds of symbolism can you pull from these two in particular, to use in your life this upcoming year?

Positive changes are coming!!!