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It’s In The Cards ©


How many times in our lives have we heard the phrases, “it’s in the cards”, or “it’s not in the cards?” These two expressions are commonly said on any given day about anything we plan, do, or want.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or heavy research to associate these phrases with tarot cards and early gypsy fortune tellers.  Just as people say they wish they had a crystal ball to see the future, they need tarot cards to guide them along their way. Christiana Gaudet has aptly named her book, “Tarot Tour Guide.”   When consulted properly, tarot cards are your tour guides through life.


We use tarot cards to heal from the past. We ask about our finances. We inquire about a present or future romantic encounter. We ask about our children, our parents, our pets. We seek answers and insight about our health, and whether or not we should seek professional assistance.


We ask our cards which team will win a particular sporting event, what color car should we buy, is it the right time to buy a house, should we move, will we get a raise or promotion, have a baby (girl or boy?).


We ask the cards how our day will be—the morning, afternoon, and evening. We ask them to define our past, present, and future. We ask what this vast universe has in store for us.


Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle—-ask your questions, lay down some cards. The answers you seek are “in thecards”, or perhaps not. If you are confused, rephrase your question, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, and give the cards a chance to offer guidance.


Use the cards as insight into the possibilities you have at your disposal. Nothing is written in stone. The cards may be telling you to make changes. If the answers you receive do not resonate with you, use your intuition, and understand they are saying you can tap into their advice and change the outcome. Your chosen path may not be what you first expected, but remember—if the message fits and feels right, then yes, “it is in the cards!”


Joanne Matthew  (2013)