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“Every day I’m shuffling!”

That line from a popular song refers to a dance, not tarot cards. I claimed it as my own since I do read tarot (and thus shuffle) every day.

Today’s question comes from Isaak, and it’s about shuffling the cards. Isaak has discovered a basic tarot truth. It’s good to read a lot of tarot books, but each one says something different.

Isaak writes:

Does the deck need to be in certain order to be shuffled? Who shuffles the deck? And what about the energy of the querent in a reading? What are your thoughts about this? And how you do it?

In the video you will learn a few things. First, I don’t believe there is any right or wrong way to do things in tarot – it’s up to each individual reader to figure out what works. Second, I believe that ordering the cards is a great way to cleanse their energy, but not practical to do between every reading. There are other ways to quickly cleanse the cards between readings, like banging the deck on the table. Third, I don’t think it is necessary for the client to touch the cards.

Watch the video and see what you think.

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Video of Christiana Answers a Question about Shuffling