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Here’s this week’s question, submitted by Nick.

I have been watching your videos and I have really enjoyed your perspectives. I am looking forward to reading your books which I have happily ordered myself from Amazon for Christmas.

I recently watched your video on rephrasing questions and I found we shared the same opinion. I know certain readers use a pricing structure which utilizes a dollar amount per question which I don’t necessarily feel is appropriate given that I do like to help my clients get the most out of their questions.

Since we both seem to use a similar structure in our readings. I was wondering if you have found a pricing structure that works best for this style?

Currently I offer readings at 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. Although I consider myself to be pretty efficient at managing my time, I find it difficult when clients choose shorter readings. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to more videos,


Thanks for that, Nick!

You’ve asked a really interesting question. Keeping to the clock is difficult. Each client has different needs and circumstances. Here are a few ideas to help you.

  1. Tell your spirit guides, and the guides of your client, what your time limit is. Let them help you.
  2. Even if it is not your style to ask for a specific question, the time constraints make asking for a question or an area of focus a reasonable idea.
  3. Self-edit! Use fewer words to make your points. Give only the most important information you see, not all the information you see.
  4. If the client really has a problem that requires more time, let them know. Don’t do it in a way that is scary or insistent.
  5. If you have to give a few extra minutes it’s probably better to do that than to end the reading without closure.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful. Thanks again for a great question.

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Video of Christiana Answers a Question about Short Pro Readings