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Jamie has requested that I talk a bit about the Two of Swords. The request grew out the video I made for the Two of Wands.

We’ll begin by looking at the Two of Swords in comparison to the Two of Wands.

Two, in Tarot, is a number of balance, partnership and decisions. In Major Arcana two, the High Priestess, we see a state of serenity. The High Priestess is a card of introspection rather than action; she is caught in a perfect balance.

This aspect of the energy of “two” is present in both the Two of Wands and the Two of Swords. Like the High Priestess, neither card calls for action. Like the High Priestess, both cards discuss a state of inner exploration.

The Two of Wands is exploring the possibilities and making plans for the future.

What is the Two of Swords exploring?

We can see the two Swords as two possible ideas, perhaps in conflict with one another. Often this card indicates decision-making. However, there does not seem to be any hurry. The image speaks to the decision at hand, and neither offers a preference nor suggests a need for speed.

Generally the seated figure is blindfolded. The opinions of others are not helpful. The person must look within to make a decision.

The heart chakra is crossed off. This is not a decision to be made with the heart, but rather with the logic and rationale of the airy Swords.

In the Crowley-Harris-Thoth deck the key word for the Two of Swords is “peace.” Sometimes we need to be at peace with not knowing, not choosing and not being sure. Sometimes we must exist in a state where we know we will make a decision in the future, but for now must simply be at peace with what is.

Enjoy the video. If you have a question about tarot, please email me.

Video of Christiana Answers a Question about the Two of Swords