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I read tarot. I believe in the tarot. The cards give us insight, answer our questions, give us advice, and guidance that we may or may not choose to follow. I also believe in other forms of divination, such as tea leaf and coffee ground reading, runes, palmistry, mediums, and channeling guides and spirits. I strongly believe in dream interpretation, much to the dismay of many dream book authors who follow generalized definitions and symbols. I believe dreams are unique to each individual, and must be defined by their own personal life situations, family, friends, and adventures. A particular object can mean one thing to one person, and something completely different to another, in much the same way that a tarot card can have different definitions. I believe in visions, meditation, signs and messages from spirit guides and loved ones who have passed. I believe we hear, see, and feel them around us. I believe nature is spiritual and sends us signs and messages when we see nature with open eyes and hearts.


I also believe that we need to be practical about all of the above. Not everything in our daily lives has a supernatural, metaphysical definition. Sometimes things just happen. If your antique vase from your favorite aunt   suddenly crashes to the floor and shatters into thousands of pieces, it does not have to be a message from that aunt. Yes, it can be—but it may also have been caused by a slight breeze flowing through an open window, or the earth shaking from a nearby blast.


Photography is a prime example. Yes, we do often see orbs, or images when we look at a photo, knowing that nothing unusual was present to the eye when the photo was taken. Yes, it may be a supernatural, unexplainable image. But, in most cases, there are practical answers, such as dust, lens flare, or reflections. Music is also special. You may suddenly be aware of a song playing that brings back a precious memory of a loved one, or an event. You may feel someone touch your hair, or notice a particular scent in the air that seems to come out of the blue. Yes, all these can be spirit communicating with you. However, you cannot, and should not, expect these occurrences to always be messages.


What I am trying to stress is we cannot consider everything we see, feel, smell, or encounter to be spirits trying to communicate with us. We cannot live our lives believing every moment has a supernatural meaning behind it. If we do, we stop actually living our lives to the fullest. We become consumed with trying to find a connection to everything around us. We become obsessed with the idea and stop living in the real world.


We must learn to recognize the difference between normal every day occurrences, and when we are being sent actual messages. As with life itself, there is a time and place when to believe. Do not over analyze your life. Let it happen naturally. The messages you do receive will be more obvious, and have deeper meaning when you just let them come, and do not confuse them with the natural happenings of daily life. When you truly receive a message, you will immediately feel it in your heart. That peaceful, comforting feeling will define the difference between a message and a coincidence.


Joanne Matthew (2014)