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Today’s question come from Eric. It’s a deceptively simple one. Eric’s question is this:

“When reading tarot, should you always trust your intuition?”

The quick, short answer is obvious. Of course you should always trust your intuition.

But that begs a different, deeper question.

How can you be sure the voice you are calling your intuition really is?

Many people, from professional psychics to police officers to those who practice conscious living, make a habit of listening to their internal guidance. People call it by different names, but they all agree they have something that guides them, and never steers them wrong.

I think that is what we mean when we speak of intuition. It may be a hunch or a gut level feeling, it may be a sense of being guided by a spiritual entity. Intuition may simply be a strong sense of knowing.

The key is in learning to hear and recognize your intuition, and to distinguish it from all the other voices in your mind. Fear, desire, insecurity, judgment, opinion and logic are all voices that compete with the voice of intuition.

If you want to be able to trust your intuition in tarot reading, or in life in general, the first thing you need to do is identify the voices that commonly come up for you when you are trying to tune in to your intuition.

At the same time, you need to work on finding a personal sense of calm detachment. This is a spiritual state of grace that is hard for westerners to achieve since we tend to be overly concerned with “good” and “bad’ rather than simple “is.”

These steps will help you focus in on your intuition and hear your guidance.

As a tarot reader, I believe you will be the best reader possible if you never allow your ability to rely on intuition keep you from studying the cards. The better knowledge you have of the cards. The better your intuition will work.

Use your intuition to help you to put the story together. Use your intuition to decide which of the many possible card meanings are most appropriate. Use your intuition to know which questions to ask of the cards. Pay attention to random thoughts and memories that come into your mind while you are reading; they may pertain to the issue at hand.

I have seen many people be flat-out wrong when they said they were trusting their intuition. I would argue it’s because, most of the time, intuition works without us really realizing it. While we go about our merry way, our intuition is busy keeping us out of trouble, and doing it so well we don’t even notice it.

When we do psychic work, or try to live in a more conscious way, we try to notice our intuition. We ask it questions. Often we try to do this with no real thought, or no real training.

There are many ways to train yourself to be more intuitive, or to understand your intuition better, but it all starts with simple steps. Identify the other voices that compete with intuition, release your attachments and listen well.

Once you can do that, then, yes, you should always trust your intuition.

Thanks for a great question, Eric!

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