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Do the Cards Lie? ©


Do the tarot cards ever lie? Well, that is a matter of how we perceive them. Take the superbowl predictions, as an example. Many tarot readers predicted a win for the Broncos. A few accurately predicted the Seahawks would be victorious. Why were so many so wrong? That is, if they really were wrong! Did we fail to see the messages the cards were giving? Did we unconsciously let ourselves be fooled by what we wanted them to say? All tarot readers know that definitions and readings vary from one reader to another. We receive their information through our intuition, our visual perception, and knowledge of tradition. If two readers see the same spread differently, why can’t we see it differently? Perhaps, if it were possible to forget our initial interpretation, the same spread might give us an entirely different answer several hours later. The mind is a complicated collection of thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and insight. The mind can also override our intuition, and allow us to waiver in self doubt if we allow it the opportunity.


Many predictions on either side came from readers who are not actually football fans, or who know little about the game. I was one of those readers. I follow a local team throughout the season, hoping they do well, but do not actually watch that many games, nor do I truly understand the game of football. However, I do know my cards–or so I thought.


When I drew cards for this year’s game, I believed the cards were telling me the Broncos would win. Is that what the cards actually told me, or did I interpret them according to what I wanted to see. I had no great affinity with either team, so no way could I have been biased.


I will never know the answer to those questions. What I have come to understand, however, is that predicting sports team wins, or the sex of an unborn baby, or any 50/50 outcome are better left to chance, and for the universe to answer in due time. Tarot gives advice, guidance, and insight into real life situations–situations that we have a certain amount of control over. Situations we have an option to possibly change by our actions. We, as viewers and fans, have no control over the decisions of a game. The outcome does not depend on calls and plays we devise. We sit in the stands, or in front of our television sets or computers, and we watch someone else make those decisions.


Therefore, in my opinion, the cards do not lie. Tarot gives us a hint of what may happen, and a chance to either assist in that outcome, or try to alter it. The cards do not like yes or no questions, or 50/50 possibilities that are entirely left to fate. Tarot card readings and readers have a much more important mission, and I respect them for their tireless work ethic and messages they send.


Joanne Matthew (2014)