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Right before a Tarot Circle meeting in West Palm Beach, as we were enjoying snacks and conversation, an almost-late tarot student came running in, looking frazzled. “I love my tarot friends!” She exclaimed. “Because I can tell you I have had a Tower day and you know what I mean.”

It may have been at that moment that I started using the phrase “Your tarot friends are your best friends.” I really believe it to be true. Here are five reasons your tarot friends are your best friends.

  1. We speak the same language.
    Tarot is a language of archetypes, images and symbols. A few words can express deep concepts and subtle nuances.

  2. We cut through crap.
    Tarotists can smell BS a mile away. You have to be authentic with your tarot friends; they will know if you’re not.

  3. We are creative.
    Tarot, by its very nature, attracts artists, poets, musicians, writers and other crafty folk. The opportunities for fun and profit in collaboration are unlimited.

  4. We laugh a lot.
    Tarot people tend to be witty and clever. It takes a certain mindset to work with tarot. Humor is a big part of that.

  5. We share goals.
    The tarot community is diverse. We all have different views on religion, politics and art. As tarotists we discover common goals in our desire to develop spiritually and help others.

Sometimes tarot friends are online friends who never meet in person. Sometimes tarot friends gather at conferences and symposia. Sometimes your tarot friends were the friends who signed up for the beginner tarot class with you.

Making tarot friends is one if the many benefits of living a tarot-filled life!