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This past Sunday on my webcast, Christiana’s Psychic Café, one of my guests was Susan Morgan of the Mystic Dream Center. As we spoke about the power of dreams and the healing nature of dreamwork, I kept thinking about the ways in which tarot works with dreams.

In my book, “Tarot Tour Guide,” I share some stories about tarot and dreams, and some techniques for using tarot in dream interpretation.

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few ways I have seen tarot work in dreams, and with dreams. Feel free to share your own tarot dream experiences in the comments!

Many tarotists suggest that new readers sleep with their cards under their pillow, or under their bed. I think this is a good idea. One thing you will notice if you do this is that the cards will enter your dreams. As you sleep, the energy of the cards will become part of your dream journeys.

Sometimes tarot clients dream of the cards. Even if they do not know the cards at all, they report images and numbers that relate to tarot and are pertinent to their situation.

Some tarot cards seems to advise us to pay attention to our dreams. Specifically, the Moon and the Seven of Cups speak to me of dreamwork.

Some tarot readers are called to the cards in their dreams. When I first became interested in tarot the cards spoke to me in dreams even before I had my own tarot deck.

Sometimes I dream of the cards even now. Always, the cards that appear in my dreams have pertinence to my current quandaries and activities.

Clearly, both tarot and dreams are similar devices. Both can be prophetic, both can help us find solutions, both work with our unconscious minds, and both are channels for communication with Spirit.