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Our question comes from Ben.

Hi Christiana,

I’ve just discovered your YouTube channel and I’m finding the answers to questions videos really helpful so thank you!

I am VERY new to tarot, I purchased by Rider-Waite deck 6 months ago and am loving it.

I was wondering whether you could do a video about whether you take into account reversed cards in readings. I know some people don’t. From the off I’ve read cards reversed if they come up but I do have to say it is incredibly challenging sometimes to decifer what the cards mean (especially court cards)! From reading books and seeing what other people say online it’s clear that everyone has their own opinion.

What do you think? Do you take into account reversed cards? And if so do you have any tips on how to decipher the meaning? I particularly find the Page of Swords a little elusive…

Hope you are well and thank you so much again for your videos!

Thanks for a great question, Ben. I hope you enjoy the video!

Not everyone honors reversals, but everyone honors dignities.

I do encourage my students who use a deck in the RWS (Rider-Waite- Smith) tradition to consider working with reversals. I think reversals give us more detail, more nuance and more ability to give a really specific reading.

I almost always honor reversals in my personal and professonal readings.

Each card has a spectrum, or continuum of possible energies and meanings. The reversal can give a clear sense of where on the continuum the card best fits the situation.

A reversal changes the energy of the card; perhaps introducing a resistance, a delay or an opposite.

My system for dealing with reversed Court Cards, when I think they represent people, is simple.

Upright Court Cards’ personalities are determined by their element and rank. All upright Court Cards are well-intentioned and basically good people.

Reversed Court Cards are people with problems. They may not be well-intentioned, or may be dealing with issues.

Please watch the video, which includes my take on the Page of Swords, both upright and reversed.

If you have a question about tarot, please email me.

Video of Answers to you Questions about Tarot: Reversals and Court Cards