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The Closed (Tarot) Mind

Many tarot groups reside in the social media site, Facebook. Naturally, this leads to a proliferation of posted cards and questions from members seeking answers and advice. The answers can be as varied as the number of members in each group. An open mind for novice readers is important. It is always helpful to see another possibility from a fresh perspective. This can even be true for seasoned readers. Some readings give clear cut answers that cannot be denied, but other times, we study the cards from all angles and they hint at several paths.

One of the most complicated readings and questions will be inquiries about love and romance—will  I meet Mr./Mrs. Right? Will this relationship blossom into a serious relationship? Is he/she interested in me? A spread of many, or just a few cards, might be shown. Then it starts—all the opinions are posted.

This is where you need an open mind. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes the person asking is blinded by what they want the answers to be. Sometimes they are only open to accepting the opinions that are agreeable to what they want. They dismiss any opinion that contradicts  their idea of a favorable outcome. There is also a tendency for those posting comments to fall into romanticizing the situation and agreeing with those favorable comments.

Now, I am not saying this is wrong. What I am saying is do not dismiss the one or two contradictory opinions as being wrong. Also, do not dismiss them in a rude manner. Everyone is trying their best to be helpful, and read the cards as seen by their eyes and intuition. Try looking at those cards from a different angle. Are you only seeing what your emotions want you to see? Look at the way you worded the question. Look at the information and background you provided. You might just have missed some important underlying information that requires a further study and analysis of the situation. You may have stated the question in such a way that has influenced the reading to give you only positive results. Maybe those contradictory comments have more truth to them. Maybe that person sees more than just wanting to please you and encourage what you expect.

Perhaps there is something in between what you want to hear, and what the negative reading is saying that you must take into consideration. They say love is blind. Affairs of the heart can be blinded by emotions. Don’t be clouded and blinded by your desires. Look at all the angles. Don’t dismiss an opinion because it doesn’t suit your expectations and desires. Be flexible. Take what you feel is right about the reading, but please be open minded to the possibility that the one reading you don’t want to hear could very well be the meaning you need to hear.