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Recently, I saw a post on a tarot group that made me think about how some of us feel about reading tarot, or receiving tarot readings. The comment was by Amethyst Mahoney and reads: “If you REALLY hate something and don’t want to do it, why do you care what the cards say? Don’t do it.”


Tarot is a tool. We use it for guidance. We use it for advice and answers, sometimes for important life decisions, and sometimes for mundane every day situations. Often we use our knowledge of tarot to help others, as well as ourselves.


Now, think about what Amethyst is saying—how true and honest a statement! All the reasons we turn to tarot help or guide us, but the ultimate decision is ours, and only ours to make. Use the tools and wisdom of the cards to your best advantage, but do not ever let the cards override your intuition, or your common sense. We cannot, and should not, allow tarot or any means of divination take over how we live our lives to the extent that we become dependent on them. If we do that, we not only do a disservice to ourselves, but to the value of tarot itself. I have had friends over the years that follow everything they are told, and are afraid of using their own abilities to make life decisions. This is not a healthy way to live.


I read tarot. I believe in tarot. I respect tarot. I also know that just as a car is a tool to help us get around, we can still choose to walk or find other means of transportation. After all, the choice is always ours to make, regardless of the messages. We all possess the ability to choose, and to use common sense, if we just step back and think for ourselves.


So, my opinion is this—-read your cards, study their message, but do not let any means other than your own intelligence and ability to reason control your life. There are lessons to be learned from the cards. There are suggestions that will be very helpful, and that you should pay attention to. But always remember the words from Amethyst:


“If you REALLY hate something and don’t want to do it why do you care what the cards say? Don’t do it.”