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To the want to be’s, to the have been’s, and to the yet to be’s

To lovers of now, and to lovers gone by,

To business owners, and corporate climbers,

To the entertainers, and music makers,

To the dancers, and to the dreamers,

To the vulnerable, and to the lonely, To the poor, and to the sick,

When there is no one left to turn to, for when the record’s played long enough,

Through the sleepless nights and the long lonely days,

Through the torturous cries of long forgotten yesterdays,

To the broken hearted, and the isolated,

To the obsessed, the manipulated, and the controlled,

To the beaten and bruised, to the broken and torn

To the sad and the brave, to the dying and the dead,

Shuffle me, talk to me, I will listen, I will reflect

Friend to all , your Tarot cards