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Here’s a question from Erin, who writes, in part:

Hi Christiana! 

When you’re reading for a client or friend, how do you know you aren’t channeling your OWN energy and issues into the cards, and therefore getting a reading for yourself, rather than the client? What if the person isn’t in the room with you, and you’re doing it over the phone- then I am the one shuffling and laying the cards, so how can you be sure the reading will be for the other party? Is setting the intent with the ‘spirits/guides/powersthatbe’ enough?

Another related question; when you put your intention into a reading, do you ever find that your guides (or whomever you believes gives you the responses) will seem to talk about something other than what you intended to ask about? 

For example; right now I am voraciously going after new jobs, it’s all consuming, and my cards are sick of hearing about it I’m sure! 

But, I said “tell me something about my love life” and the cards I got seemed to be NOT related to love, but related to my career issue instead. I’m very intuitive, and thought I didn’t write down the cards for this reading, it was very obvious that the cards weren’t interested in talking about my love life at the moment. Which, could be the message, “Erin, sort out your professional shit before you even try and get involved with a man.” 

What do you think? 

Great question, Erin! I hope you enjoy the video!

In short, setting the intention for whom the reading is for is as easy as saying the person’s name, or simply focusing on the person, while shuffling the cards.

If something you hear yourself saying in the reading resonates as a message for you, don’t disregard the possibility that the message is meant for both of you. Just because it resonates for you don’t invalidate it for the client.

It is also true that if you are doing readings in group, more than one person might resonate with a particular message. Generally, if it resonates for you, it is your message, too! Having more than one person resonate with a message does not make the message less valuable for anyone.

Tarot is a tool of archetypes, that is, universal themes, characters and experiences. Since tarot speaks to universal experiences it makes sense that more than on person may be experiencing the same themes at the same time.

I think, too, the Universe often arranges to have us hear messages, even when we didn’t ask for them specifically. The more tuned in we are with our cards the more this will happen.

This is a different phenomenon than psychic leak, which is when one person’s information leaks into another person’s reading. If you read for more than one person in the same room you may experience psychic leak. Pay attention to when and how often this happens. Over time you will learn how you skills work and learn to anticipate, deal with and avoid psychic leak.

When it comes to intentions for questions, you are right, it can be difficult. The cards will often give you the focus the Universe thinks you need, rather than addressing the issue that is top of mind for you at the moment.

You can certainly ask questions and draw cards about why the focus needs to be in a particular area, or why your question can’t be answered at this time.

Thanks for a great question, Erin, and enjoy the video!

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Video of Christiana Answers Questions about Intention in Tarot Readings