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Today’s question comes from a subscriber of my weekly e-newsletter, Tarot Topics.

In my “Learning Tarot” column I discuss one card each week, in order. I am working through the suit of Wands right now.

The question is about how difficult cards like the Five, Seven, Nine and Ten of Wands make sense in the story of the suit after the blissful story of Ace through Four.

The exercise of telling stories with the pip cards is a good one. We learn new ways to understand and interpret the cards, and we learn to look for the stories we see in tarot spreads.

For me, the suit of Wands is about the element of Fire. Wands discuss all the things that burn within us; our creativity, our passions and our projects.

The difficult cards are important to the nature of Fire. Basically, if something is worth being passionate about it’s also worthy of the struggle it takes to make it happen.

Enjoy the video. If you have a question about tarot, please email me!

Video of Christiana Answers a Question about the Suit of Wands