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Lammas is upon us again…and with it, many blessings. It’s time for the harvesting…in many, many ways. We must be thankful for the harvest, from our gardens, literally and figuratively. The following cardis from one of my newer decks: The Animal Wisdom Tarot By: Dawn Brunke A beautiful and majestic deck…filled with gorgeous colors and many interpretations. Full of amazing animals and nature, I am thrilled with this deck!!! I’m going to post the first card I got, which was a “jumper”, followed by another picked by a little helper just to add to the message. ~ Polar Bear – Seeker of Shells ~ Traditional: Knight of Cups Elements: Air (Seeker) of Water (Shells) Quality: Curious, Contemplative, Surprising, Profound “Powerful, perceptive, and immensely curious, Polar Bear roams the Arctic, sniffing out unusual or interesting treasures. Gathering wisdom from ice and snow, clouds and wind, and polar seas, the great White Bear attunes seamlessly with the natural world. Spirit helper, intuitive, dream guide, Polar Bear offers endurance, astute observation, and steady passage as we explore the far reaches of the inner realms. Seekers suggest movement and travel, as well as emotional ups and downs. Playful and friendly or impatient and defensive-this Seeker’s unpredictable personality can both charm and frustrate. The blend of air and water elements suggests a desire to go within, understand thoughts and passions, and know ourselves intimately. An intelligent, solitary traveler, Polar Bear represents potentially difficult yet profoundly rewarding spiritual quests. This card recommends we open to love, follow our passion, and take an emotional risk by venturing into the dark mystery of the unknown. Like Polar Bear, we may discover inner strength and surprising buoyancy. Sensitive, clever, fierce, and fearless, Polar Bear responds genuinely to life and asks you to do the same.” Message: Explore, wander, and keep curiosity alive; follow the journey within. My Personal Interpretation: Personally for me, this is a huge card! As a big and powerful Polar bear…he/she is telling us to seek our inner strength and power. Don’t be defeated! Always seek love if you must defeat others and never harshness, but in the same way…you must be fierce about staying strong! An extremely helpful card, it seems to have huge undertones of encouragement, helping us to find our way, and possibly, our path(treasures). I have been having very profound and prophetic dreams, of which, I’ve been having a difficult time understanding some of them. They range from distinct meanings…to blurred lines and roads. I now believe it may be time for me, and/or you…to keep a dream journal if you’ve been experiencing the same. Seeing as how the Suit of Shells is generally, “intuitive, loving, and sensitive…the sea creatures and marine mammals that form this suit are Deepeners, expert guides to exploring dreams, emotions, and the mysteries of the inner realms. Shells guide our attention to feelings, beauty, and matters of the heart.” It would only make sense that this Seeker, is telling us to possibly “seek” our inner selves…or, answers that may be hidden. This card might also be telling you that it is time for an adventure…for these “Seeker” cards possess the Air element. Which is often “Eager, spirited, and outgoing, Seekers crave movement, adventure, exploration, and change. They often travel physically to exotic locales or interdimensionally via consciousness. Connected to the element Air, Seekers are represented by nature’s master travelers and quick-change artists: clouds.” With that all being said…this is also a card open to interpretation based on where you are in your life, or the current situations you might be in. Especially, considering the Sabbat! I also would like to remind, this card was a “jumper”, so there is definitely some huge meaning in it for us. I’ll leave the rest up to you to interpret. As always, if you have any questions…or you want to add to this…feel free!