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{ Wisdom Wednesday }

Continued from 8/27/14

~ Blue Jay – Five of Feathers ~

Traditional: Five of Swords

Element: Air Theme: Conflict, Clarity, Deception, Decency, Moving Beyond Win and Lose

“Fives typically show conflict, discord, instability, and potential loss. Five of Feathers suggests a win, but prods us to consider at what cost. Do you make others wrong by insisting you’re right? Have you divided your world into an “us” versus “them” mentality? What we do to others, we also do to ourselves. Victory is dubious; the expense of war is much greater than we think.

Symbol of truth and clarity of vision, Blue Jay teaches proper use of power. Be prepared to see clearly and assess honestly. We often want to win or be right because we crave acceptance, yet we fail to accept ourselves. Be true and love yourself while exploring the heart of the matter. Check your moral compass. Are you working for the highest good? Learn to be right with life.

Intelligent, bold, and forthright, Blue Jay proclaims its features. Be responsible. Think clearly, speak sincerely, and behave fairly. Blue Jay’s teaching helps us to stay centered, connected with Earth, and open to Spirit.”

Message: Act in alignment with your highest truth


My Personal Interpretation: While trying to be “right” with everyone else, are you truly “right” with yourself? This card has a few different meanings and many interpretations, depending on your personal issues with your life. We know Blue Jay’s to typically be, “greedy guts”. Or at least that’s what my grandma calls them. Maybe they don’t realize…but it could be more for their survival, for the species as well…than anything else. Of course, by being greedy you won’t make many friends. We know that birds do things based on instinct, so then we could also attribute this part of our personalities to this as well. We are a species as well…but we also have more of a conscience, typically. So, I’ll reiterate the message…”at what cost” Always be aware of your own cause and effect…your own, and for others you come into contact with. Fives can often be associated with change, development, or transition. It can, “reveal our fears, but offer strength”. Also remember that traditionally this card represents the Sword Suit. Which can often be associated with “intellect, justice, and truth-abstract, invisible qualities characterize this suit and explains its connection with the element of air. Birds are the Clarifiers or Visionaries of this suit, offering lucid, elevated thoughts and higher perspectives. Feathers glide through the air and slice through confusion.” I see the Blue Jay, with all of his baubles…two other birds in the background, one looks to be a cardinal…the other a blue bird possibly? Blue Jay seems to be forgetting his friends for his own needs. But, seeing that there are two feathers closer to the other birds…leads me to believe he could change his mind and share. It only takes an inkling of recognition to realize this might mean something more symbolic for each of us. Anyone can change with a positive nudge, but it can take time. This can be applied to any situation in life and we must realize that being greedy does us no good, but can be even worse for others. Current world situations in the news could use a little message…sometimes we must lose a little of ourselves, our stash…if you will, to make life easier and better for all. Sharing is caring sort of thing, but above that…peace, at the expense of our inner “Blue Jay” As always, I look forward to your thoughts, questions, and input <3