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Tarot and dreams both speak to us in symbols. It makes sense that tarot would be a good tool to help us understand our dreams.

The next time you need more insight into a particular dream, design a tarot spread about the dream.

Simply make a list of the people, objects and situations in the dream, and devise questions about them. Make a position for each portion of the dream, or for each question.

You can also interpret a dream with a tarot dialogue. Simply shuffle the deck, and ask this first question.

“What does this dream mean?”

Pull a card, or a couple of cards. What insight do you get?

Now, formulate another, more specific question.

Shuffle all the cards back in, and once again pull a card, or a few cards.

Continue the process until you have the understanding you seek.

If the same card comes up more than once, pay special attention to it.

Let the symbols of tarot help you understand the symbols of your dreams.