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A Mabon Time of Year ©


I consider my personal tarot card to be the Nine of Pentacles. Pentacles are associated with the earth, with grounding, with Mother Nature herself. They also refer to the material world in which we live, but I see them more as earth associated. There are standard associations for the seasons in tarot suits, but right or wrong, I follow my own method. For me, Winter is represented by the swords–the coldness of the steel. Cups represent Spring, as in the Spring rains that bring forth the flowers. Passionate, firery wands represent the heat of Summer. The turning leaves, falling back into the ground, to me, represent the Autumn season.


Autumn is not a time of dying for the earth, but a time to prepare for her long winter rest. Autumn and Winter are my true seasons…..the harvesting of the crops, the changing of the leaves from lush green to vibrant reds and golds. The earth prepares to take her nap–to replenish her soul until she can awaken in the spring, bringing us her new life. Winter comes to cover earth in a blanket of white, protecting her trees, plants, and hibernating wildlife, so that they come back stronger in the spring.


Winter is a time of rest and reflection.  Spring gives us hope with the new growth, refreshing, nourishing rains, and the joy of brightly colored flowers. Summer gives us carefree days and nights while it warms our bodies and our souls with the green of the trees, and the blue of the skies and oceans. Mabon is a time to harvest our summer crops, and to begin our preparations for the coming winter days


I cannot see myself living where there are not four definite seasons, nor can I see myself living too far away from an ocean. The return to earth in the Fall, and the peacefulness of the ocean waves at any time of the year, sustain me throughout happy and troubled times.


I was born on the Pagan holiday of Mabon. Most likely, because of the time of my birth, Autumn has always been special to be, but little did I know growing up that this day was so much more than the Autumnal Equinox. What I have learned about tarot, about paganism, and about astrology, has broadened my view of the Autumn season.


 I refer to myself as a borderline case, in astrological terms. This sounds so much more accurate that saying I was born on the cusp. Yes, I am a true borderline case. Some charts disagree which of two days is actually the beginning, but even when the clock say it begins some time on the day before, my day is still the very first full day of Fall. I tend to exhibit traits from both signs—-Virgo and Libra—-which is, of course, understandable. Some friends see me as mostly Libra, but most, including myself, tend to see me as more Virgo.


As we celebrate the changing season, the Autumnal Equinox, the holiday of Mabon, here is a poem I found a few years ago on the internet, author unknown:


“Mabon is upon us, sweet Autumn Equinox

A time of hope and balance, and of harvesting our crops.

When day and night are equal, as on Ostara Day,

We share our food, our hope, our love,

Our God and Goddess’ way.”


Mabon Blessings to All—


Joanne Matthew (2014)