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There are many schools of spiritual thought that focus on the need for balance.

In tarot, many of the cards speak of balance.

Many of us experience life as a balancing act as we navigate work, school, relationships, parenthood and well-being.

Our human nature wants this or that, one thing or the other.

Our spiritual nature knows that when we find balance, we find enlightenment.

To help you find balance in your life, and to help you find the ways tarot speaks about balance, try this exercise.

First, go through your tarot deck, card by card, and sort out every card that speaks to you of balance.

Some, like Justice, Temperance and the High Priestess might be obvious. Others you might choose could include Strength, or the Lovers. Don’t forget the Minor Arcana cards, like the Twos, and the Six of Pentacles. Not everyone will agree, so if you do this exercise in a class setting each person’s group of cards will be a bit different.

Once you have your group of cards that speak about balance, look at each card one at a time. Think (or even better, write in your tarot journal) about each card and how that card speaks about balance. What is unique about each card’s message of balance? How can this card help you achieve balance in your life?

Now, take your group of balance cards and shuffle them. Draw one card at random to answer each of the following questions about balance in your life. Replace each drawn card back to the group for the next shuffle. If the same card comes up more than once, pay some extra attention to why that card might be important in your life at this time.

In what aspect of my life am I doing a good job achieving balance?

Where in my life to I need to be better at achieving balance?

What can help me achieve this balance?