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I’m reading Rana George’s exciting book, “The Essential Lenormand” as I work to add the Lenormand fortune-telling system to my toolbox.

One of the techniques George describes is to “activate” a specific card to represent a unique character or situation within a reading. The way the activated card appears when the cards are drawn can easily guide the reader to a clear answer.

George’s book is full of aha moments for me. One of them is that I have been activating tarot cards for as long as I’ve been reading and teaching tarot. The funny thing is, I never thought about, spoke about it, had a name for it, or taught it as a technique. It was just something I intuitively started doing, and kept doing because it worked.

One of the great things about being diviners in the digital age is that we can easily share our ideas, techniques and strategies with one another.

That we so often come to the same ideas independently of one another is, to me, an indicator of the veracity of our work.

The next time you are working with tarot to answer a question, try Rana George’s idea of activating a specific card to represent something unique to the situation. See how the presence and position of that card in your reading gives insight that you might not have otherwise had!