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It can happen that a particular card might follow you around for a while. We call this a repetitive, frequent or recurrent card. When whatever life situation the card is referring to resolves, the card takes its normal place as one of seventy-eight in the deck.

There are a few ways a card can stalk you. Having the same card turn up for you, at random, in readings repeatedly, is a common phenomenon. If you pay attention, you will notice your recurring cards earlier and more often. Once you notice your recurring card, you can spend time in meditation with it. You can journal about it. You can discuss it with you tarot friends. The one thing you must remember is this. This card is here to help you. Find a way to use its energy to ease the difficulty of whatever transition caused it to appear.

Cards can recur in other ways, too. Sometimes a card might just be on your mind. You might hear songs that remind you of it. You might dream of it. Many tarotists always have a card or two they are currently contemplating.

Sometimes we will see things in the world that remind us of a particular card. The world is full of tarot symbols, both intentional and unintentional. The power of symbols suggests that, regardless of what prompts you to call a particular card to mind, once that card has been summoned it bears meaning for you.

Make friends with your tarot card stalkers. They will help you through hard times. Sometimes they will be the tools you need, even before you know you need them.