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Twenty Two Gifts ©


I awoke this morning and found twenty two gifts on the branches of my Yule/Christmas tree.


The first gift is from the Magician, and this gift is the ability to perform magic in my life. His present includes all the tools I will need to do magickal things.


The second gift is from the High Priestess. She teaches me to use my intuition and hidden knowledge to accomplish everything I need, and to guide me to make the right decisions.


The third comes from the Empress.  She gifted me with the lesson of nurturing myself, and nature–to respect all living creatures and every part of this world.


The fourth gift comes to me from the Emperor. He gives me the power to stand up for myself and for others who may have been wronged.


My next and fifth gift on the tree is a message from the Hierophant—to keep the faith in myself–to follow the rules if for a greater good, but to be myself when necessary.


Gift number six is from the Lovers. They tell me to be faithful to family and friends–to share my love with kindness and passion.


The Chariot has given me gift number seven. This gift tells me to take the reins and move forward–cautiously, but steadily, to my destination.


Attached to an ornament of a lamb and lion is gift number eight, from Strength. These two animals together tell me to be gentle, but be strong–with others, and with myself.


Gift number nine is a hermit shining his light on the tree. Hermit tells me to self reflect and contemplate whatever I say, do, and feel—to go within for answers I seek.


A spinning wheel of chance is my gift number ten from the Wheel. This gift reassures me that nothing remains stagnant, and the wheel of life constantly turns, bring with it, ups and downs–ever turning, ever changing.


Gift eleven comes to me from Justice.  Whatever has been wronged will be made right. As above, so below.


The twelfth gift is from the Hanged Man. He is in limbo, hanging upside down on the tree branch, as he sees everything from a different perspective.  He teaches me to be open to alternate views.


Gift number thirteen is not one that I would expect to find on a festive holiday tree. It is a gift from Death, and tells me that death is also a new beginning—in life, in love, in personal growth, and in so many ways.


Temperance brings me gift number fourteen. This is the lesson of patience and understanding–a gift we all need to practice.


Another unusual gift for this joyous holiday, number fifteen, is from the Devil. It is an important message, however, that teaches to let go of harmful vices, fears, and past hurts. Break away from the past and live anew.


I see the Tower has left gift number sixteen. This message is about opening up to major changes and accepting them as sometimes being necessary. Tower tells me what I believe to be destructive, may in fact, be the opening of new doors.


The Star gives me gift number seventeen. It is perched atop my tree to remind me to always believe that wishes can come true, and to never give up hope in my dreams.


Gift eighteen comes from the complex Moon—the life force of the tides and oceans, as well as our bodies. Moon shines through the darkness to light my path, but also cautions me to be wary of what may be lurking unseen in the dark areas.


A beautiful glow through my window highlights the nineteenth gift, from the Sun. Sun shines brightly, reminding me that after every rainy day in life, there will be a rainbow. The Sun will shine again to warm my heart and soul.


Judgment has brought the twentieth gift to tell me that whatever I do, whatever I say, whatever others do to me, we all have to answer for our actions. Do not dwell on those who have wronged me, as they also have to answer for their own actions.


I see a globe of the world ornament on my tree. World has left this as my twenty first gift, to remind me that the world is mine. How I see it, how I treat it, and what I expect from it will depend on my actions. If those actions and deeds are sincere, the whole world can be mine.


Last, but not least, the messenger who delivered all these beautiful gifts me to is the Fool. His final holiday gift  for me is to always follow my own path—to take chances—-to explore my world—to learn and grow.


As I reflect on the ornaments and messages the Major Arcana have given me, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, and a New Year filled with good health, prosperity, and most importantly, love in your hearts and homes.


Joanne Matthew (2014)