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As an alternative to the New Year’s resolution, I offer you the concept of a New Year’s Theme. For several years I have approached the beginning of each New Year with a theme – resolutions always seemed so final. Five years ago, when I was 49, my theme was “Journey to 50”. If you’ve been to 50, you understand this life milestone. During that year I began making small changes in my health and embarked on new interests born out of hobbies – such as learning tarot and building a regular yoga practice. My theme for 2015: “The Year of Self Inquiry”.

Along this year’s journey I will use my tarot cards as one of the ways to delve into the emotions and thoughts that well up in a mind, body and soul journey to discover anew what has meaning and purpose in my life now. The cards act as messengers, whispers on angels wings, bringing new thoughts, ideas, or goals into consciousness. Most often what comes up is something that was there all along, but only needed the prompting and unfolding of a new interpretation; possibly something in the periphery of thought, unable to articulate or bring into focus.

“The traditions of yoga and tarot are two different paths that lead to the same place: a profound knowledge of the self.” ~M. Filadoro, Yoga Tarot

My blog focus this year will include Yoga Tarot deck. Yoga offers me a physical as well as meditative and sometimes spiritual way to tune in to what I need to source balance between choices and compromise in my life. I also have a personal goal to achieve my yoga teacher certification this year.

The Nine of Pentacles ~ Balancing the material with the spiritual, accepting new visions, creating a Self out of the material given to us by the circumstances and conditions in our lives, and courage to enter the gate of abundance, yet to come.

Yoga Posture ~ Prasarita Padottanasana (Spread Feet Posture) provides a deep and invigorating stretch for the legs, stimulates the digestive system and helps to clear the mind.

Images from Yoga Tarot Deck used with permission of Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy. © 2008 Copyright Lo Scarabeo

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