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Stop identifying with your thoughts. Then solutions will appear, and conflict and disharmony will dissolve.

— Richard Miller, PhD; Yoga Nidra

Consider the message of the Tower, a major arcana card that appears in readings when we there is about to be a shake-up in our lives. Sometimes that upheaval is the result of getting too caught up in our own thoughts, creating drama. Drama we’ve invariably created to assuage our egoistic needs. Drama that closes us off to the peace and joy we are meant to experience fully in this lifetime.

At times we live in the illusions we created out of our personal drama. The result is a destiny that at some point in the future we wonder in amazement just how we got to this place of frustration, sadness, exasperation, emptiness. It’s as if we wrote the lines and scenes and actors into a script. As such we begin performing the role we created derived from the personal drama we created, imagining the others saying their lines and sticking to a script that supports our self-denial. The self-denial limits our growth because we fear something unknown in our potentially new experiences.

When we reach the denouement where all is revealed the drama we expected to unfold from our (illusory) script isn’t there and we are surprised at the outcome. Life feels unbalanced and out of control as if the earth is crumbling beneath us. We are tense, irritable, sad, quick to react with anger or negativity at the situations unfolding around us. It’s as if we are “chicken little” running around wildly because we really believe the sky is falling. We live in the illusion of the drama of the world of our own making.

But the Tower guides us to right action through Upheaval and Revelation. It puts us on notice that what is needed immediately in our lives is compassionate self-awareness. It asks us to re-examine those habits and patterns of behavior that keep us stuck in the mire, forever repeating a stifling way of life that doesn’t allow the growth in spirit that will bring true joy. The Tower offers us the opportunity to Re-Examine, Re-Invent and Re-Claim A New Life.

• Upheaval – Where is there unbalance in my body, mind and spirit? How am I ignoring or engaging my body? Where am I ignoring or engaging the world (my world) – my home, my family, my friends, my earthly place?

• Revelation – What will be revealed to me? Am I capable of tuning in to the subtle messages in my daily life? Will I make time to reflect on the potentials or possibilities of my actions toward (rather than away from) what has meaning and purpose to me?


Visualize this card:

The figure appears to be contemplating the mountain. Is it rising out of the misty clouds, or is it imploding into itself? The crescent moon illuminates only half the sky, while fully illuminating the figure and the mountain. Are we one and the same: Moon, Mountain and Man? What has yet to be revealed?

We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn it is God who is shaking them.

— Charles C. West Tarot

Let the tower guide you toward a change that will create a new world for you: a journey that is open to whatever happens and accepts life’s revelations with grace, compassion, humility and humour. Just as you guide a child away from danger, guide yourself away from destructive habits and thoughts and actions. Put yourself on a new path and experience love and light in your life with a whole new perspective – one that sees the myriad opportunities in your life instead of one that continues to blindly follow the dramatic script of your own undoing.

The Tower ~ Being suddenly exposed, emotionally shaken; learning the hard way; sudden and violent change. A blow to the ego, a time to re-examine belief systems and long-established patterns. Let go of fantasy and illusions of personal drama and open your heart and mind to every moment of now.

Yoga Nidra ~ Yoga Nidra teaches you how to recognize and disidentify from your core negative beliefs, and habit patterns which hinder and cripple you from leading a truly contented life free from dissatisfaction and suffering. The Sanskrit word “duhkha” describes dissatisfaction or suffering, which arise when you mentally attach to expectations and outcomes that are other than what life is offering. ~ Richard Miller, PhD, author Yoga Nidra: A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing

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