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It’s Spring, and the Major Arcana have decided to plant a garden.  The Fool is ready to jump right in without any idea of where to start or how to proceed.  He is anxious to begin his new venture. The Magician has brought all the gardening tools. He always has every possible tool that might be needed to get the job done.  The High Priestess has a book of ancient gardening knowledge and secrets of how to grow the biggest and best plants, and she is ready to share.

The Empress wants to be sure the children are involved in the planting process. She knows how this will nurture their love and respect for the earth. Emperor is overseeing all the legal paperwork to secure the land. He is the number one authority in command of the entire project. Hierophant is praying for perfect weather and planting conditions. He wants to follow standard procedures by the book, but there are others who want to go the new organic route. There may be a conflict, but it will be resolved quickly.

Of course, the Lovers are working together on their section of the garden.  Everything they do is teamwork–always compromising and helping each other.

Chariot is busy driving to and from the garden center, bringing plants, seedlings, and garden soil. Chariot needs to be in better control to prevent tipping over with too heavy a load. Strength has been asked to please control her kitty and not let little Leo dig up the new plants. She must calm him, but not lose control and get too frustrated if he doesn’t listen.

Hermit stands on a mound of dirt, holding his lantern, illuminating the garden to allow the ability to work later into the night.  As he shines his light, he is contemplating the ultimate success of this wonderful project. The Wheel of Fortune has offered services as a plow. As the Wheel churns up the soil, it occasionally hits a rocky section, but keeps plowing through the difficulties, knowing the path will once again smooth out.

Justice is keeping everything in order, settling disputes and reminding the others that they are responsible for their own actions. Any problems one may cause will be addressed at the end of the planting.

Suspended upside down from a nearby tree branch is the Hanged Man. He is supposed to be supervising where certain plants are to go, but he keeps changing his mind. Most of the others are content to let him hang there until he can make a decision.

Death is in charge of the compost bin–recycling all that is past its prime, but that which can be a renewable source for strong, healthy growth. Temperance is keeping everyone calm while mixing up organic fertilizers for the tender young plants. Just the right mix of organic soil and nutrients are needed for each type of plant. The Devil, of course, wants to stir up trouble. But he also knows that the determination of the others to ignore his temptations will allow them to produce a successful garden.  That is, if Tower can refrain from accidently crushing and stepping on some of the young fragile seedlings.

Star is wishing for a bounty of beautiful flowers and vegetables to come forth from these sincere, hard working efforts. The Moon is offering its services to provide the right amount of rain storms to feed the plants.  Moon also wants to be sure that plenty of white flowers are included, as the white flowers represent the Moon garden—white blossoms are the only flowers that show their true color in the light of the moon.  Sun is providing the warmth of sunshine and light to encourage the plants to reach high and upward, thereby growing stronger each day.

Judgment knows that the fruits of their labor will be known when the garden grows. Only then will the Major Arcana realize their success or failure. They will praise each other for the successes, and discuss the failures and how to prevent them in the future.

The World anxiously awaits the final product—healthy, beautiful fruits, vegetables, and flowers to feed and brighten our world.  

 By Joanne Matthew (2015)