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At the most recent meeting of the Tampa Bay Area Tarot Meetup, someone asked an important question.

In a professional reading, what do you do when you just aren’t feeling it? How can you make the connection when you don’t feel well, aren’t mentally focused, or just aren’t into it?

We are lucky to have a number of smart, generous professional readers in our group. Here are three great pieces of advice folks shared in answer to that significant question.

1.       If it’s a professional reading, you really have to show up and be great, whether you are feeling it or not. There are times it’s ok to decline a reading, and each reader has to decide when that’s an option. Overall, though, the tarot professional must be reliable, and present.

2.       If you feel stuck at the beginning of the reading, just read the cards. Go back to your basic key words, positions and card meanings. Say the name of the card, talk about the card, and you’ll get back in to your flow.

3.       Take the time to do proper energy work before and after each reading, even if it is only a few seconds. Ground, center, bring energy though your chakras and up the spine. Connect with angels, guides and guardians. Bring the energy down around you to create protected, sacred space. Take all your personal issues and concerns and consciously put them to the side. Finally, make a heart-to-heart connection with the client. At the end of the reading, release the client and clear your energy to get ready for the next one!

Among the members contributing to this conversation were Mitchell, the Intuitive Messenger, and Michael Newton-Brown.

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