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Recently I received a note from a tarot friend of mine. His story was filled with so much juicy tarot goodness, I asked him for permission to shared it here. If you want to learn more about Jake, you can check out his tarot website.

Dear Christiana,

I applied for a job with the state of Hawaii 19 months ago. They move glacially, but this process was particularly fraught. There was a hiring freeze, and I was even told at one point that the job would not be offered to me. Throughout the long months, the cards remained positive. They assured me I would get the job.

 During the time I thought I was not going to be offered the job, I got notice from my landlady that she wanted to move back into her house, forcing me to move. I also applied for a part-time job in my field and was immediately hired. I hunted for a place to live and found something right away. The ball was rolling smoothly.

 At the time of the Jupiter-Uranus Trine in late June, they suddenly informed me I was still being considered for the position, and then suddenly, they offered it to me and started the background check.

 As of this writing, I am still waiting to hear the results of the background check to make it completely official, but I still have to move. I have asked the cards for the results of the background check, and they are favorable: Fortune, Ace of Swords, etc. They are not telling me when, though.

 Today, without having the completely official word, I ordered a miniature container to ship my belongings from the Big Island to Oahu where the new job is. I asked the cards if I should take a leap of faith and do this, and I got the Ace of Wands, a truly helpful card.

 Well, after ordering the container, I went back to my cards and asked, “Highest Light, what do you want to say to me now?” I pulled the Six of Swords! It could not have been more perfect! The cards were actually telling me they heard me, they know all I’m going through, and everything they’ve been telling me up to now is true.

 The Universe hears! And it speaks through the cards.