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This question comes from Christina, who would like to know if it is possible to use tarot as a tool for mediumship.

This is a great question.

I first discovered this important use of tarot quite by accident. Early in my career, a client asked me a question about a recently deceased loved one. I had no idea what would happen, but I thought about the person and pulled a couple of cards.

My interpretation of those cards made sense to my client, as a specific message from their loved one.

Encouraged by this, I worked out some protocols for doing this work with tarot. Over time, I found that, when asked to communicate with someone in spirit, I could get information from the cards, and at the same time, I might be given specific words or images to share with my client. These words and images just began popping into my mind as I was doing the reading. That, along with the messages from the cards, gave very authentic and helpful communication from the spirit world.

On other occasions, I would notice that certain spirits would want to be included in the reading, even if the client did not mention them. Sometimes a certain card would indicate a person in spirit. For instance, the Empress might indicate a message from a client’s mother or grandmother in spirit.

Sometimes, while reading, I would feel the insistent presence of a loved one, which would open the opportunity to facilitate communication with that entity, often using the tarot cards to do so.

I will share the technique I’ve developed for reading tarot for those in spirit. Perhaps it will also work for you.

The first thing, and this is true for all psychic work, is to not be afraid to say what you see, feel or hear. At the same time, you must phrase those things in ways that will be helpful, rather than hurtful.

Recognize that when we ask for Spirit to communicate with us, spirit usually complies. When we ask while using a tool that easily connects us with our psychic ability, our higher self and the spirit world, we are doubly empowered to receive communication.

The protocol I use can change from reading to reading, depending on the circumstances. However, if a client comes to me because they want information about a loved one in spirit, what follows is my basic technique.

First, I ask, “Who was this person in life?” I shuffle, and pull a few cards. I look at the cards I’ve pulled and let either a story emerge, or perhaps a list or adjectives, or some other way the cards describe the person in life, and how they related to the querent.

This serves to help me know what the person feels like energetically, and make a connection to them in spirit. It also helps the querent by revealing some significant aspects of their loved one’s life.

Then, I look at the energy around the actual death. Often, we aren’t told how someone has died, but the manner of death may be very significant to the querent, and therefore, to the reading.

So, I shuffle, ask about the death, and pull a few cards. These cards may reveal what actually happened, the feeling around what happened, or even the way the departed experienced their death.

Next, I want to know about the transition. What immediately happened upon arriving in the new world? Again, I shuffle and pull a few cards. Very often Court cards will appear to indicate the specific loved ones in spirit who greeted the departed first.

Then, I might ask a question like, “What is Dad doing now?” I pull a few cards to describe the loved one’s concerns and activities.

My final question is usually “Is there a message?” The cards that I pull will usually translate into a very specific and pertinent message for the client. Added to that, I might ask how my client can better communicate directly with their loved one. What signs should they look for, or where should they be?

This process is often augmented by thoughts, words, pictures and sounds that come to me while I am reading in this way. I believe that even people who have never explored their mediumistic tendencies can have profound experiences when they open themselves to the spirit world with this powerful tool.

Christina, thanks for a great question. Enjoy the video!