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Plan of trip

It is common to seek answers from Tarot concerning when to travel, but do you use Tarot to plan your trip? Tarot cards can determine your travel location and itinerary! Here are instructions on how to conduct your own Travel Reading with Tarot:

Step 1: Draw Your Guide Card


First, draw your Guide Card. This card determines what part of the world you will explore and what your travel mission is. Draw one Major Arcana Card and place it in front of you to meditate on throughout your reading.

Cards meaning international travel are: The Fool, The Magician, Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged Man, Death, The Tower, The Moon, The Sun, The World, and The Chariot. Cards meaning domestic travel are: The Heigh Priestess, The Empress, Strength, Justice, Temperance, The Devil, The Star, Judgement, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, and The Hermit.

Step 2: Draw Your 2 Location Cards


Next, shuffle your deck then draw until you come onto a Minor Arcana card. Draw two cards and place them under your Guide Card. Use Italy (home of early tarot decks) as your center point for international travel and your own location as the starting point for domestic travel.

●      Swords represent a North location

●      Cups are South

●      Wands are East

●      Coins are West

For example, if you draw 3 of Coins and 10 of Swords, that is a Northwest location. You could consider destinations in France, Norway, or even Canada. If you are traveling domesticaly from New York, you might visit Washington or Oregon!

Step 3: Draw 4 Itinerary Cards


Now, plan your trip itinerary! Draw four Minor Arcana cards and arrange them in a row underneath your Location Cards. The suit of each card dicates what type of plan to arrange.

●      Card 1 represents food

●      Card 2 is lodging

●      Card 3 is daytime activities

●      Card 4 is nightlife

Each card’s suit dictates your plans:

Swords are intellectual which means schedule a trip to a state-of-the-art restaurant, book your stay close to a stimulating city, visit historical landmarks, and at night seek out plays or lectures. You are adding to your repertoire of cultural knowledge. Push yourself to explore the intellectual terrain and do research to uncover your location’s history!

Cups are emotional so eat at down-home, hyper-local locations, book your stay with a host you feel connected to, go on outings where you can make friends like a local tour, hike, or picnic in the park. At night, try for a small music event at a cafe. The focus should be on your inner-state rather than on trying to get to every landmark or check things off an itinerary.

Wands are spiritual in nature, so if you draw a wand, eat unfamiliar or exotic food, book a mysterious and enchanting room for yourself, and visit spiritual buildings or powerful natural landmarks like a garden or lake where you can meditate on your Guide Card. At night, go for a new experience that is representative of where you are: where do locals go?

Coins are material, so if you draw a Coin card that means this aspect of your trip is about pampering and indulgence! Eat comfort food, stay somewhere lush and clean, visit spas or relax at beaches during the day, or pay for an exciting adventure like a trek, ropes course, or bike tour! At night, eat fancy dinners or turn in early to watch movies and order room service.


As you plan your trip, use your Guide Card to zero in on your plans, work out the kinks of your itinerary, and inspire your itinerary choices. Who knows, you could end up fly-fishing in Timbuktu… Bon voyage, dear Traveler!