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As the Universe prepares to celebrate Christmas, the Major Arcana is facing a crisis. World is alternating between depression, anxiety, anger, and hopelessness. They have gathered together in hopes of finding a solution to save the World.

The Fool admits to not knowing which path to take, and the Hanged Man is contemplating different directions.  Empress worries about the children taken from their parents and confined to camps without the comforts of loving homes and parents to protect them, as well as her concerns for children all around the World who do not have safe homes, clean drinking water, medical care, and food on their tables. She has asked Strength to find a way to help and has turned to the Hierophant for spiritual guidance in her endeavor.

The Devil knows that current and past bad habits are contributing to the problems, and vows to change course. The Wheel of Fortune admits we cannot leave change to chance. We must act immediately. Chariot chimes in that there must be greater control in the Universe and has asked the Emperor to step up and take command.

Tower admits there has been too much destruction – floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires rage out of control. We cannot sit around and wish for all to suddenly improve, says Star.

The Moon, Hermit, and High Priestess are deep in meditation, seeking answers. The Lovers know a solution cannot be achieved alone – that we need strong partnerships around the globe in order to effect change.

Those who have done wrong to the Earth must one day answer for their ill deeds, says Judgement, and our friend Justice will be there to administer their punishment.

Death wants to end the strife and trials, and to begin anew with hope. He wants Sun to once again shine on this beautiful planet. Temperance pleads for understanding how important it is to not place blame, and not make demands, but to work alongside each other.

They now all look to the Magician. He is the one who has everything needed to start the process of healing. He has the knowledge and the tools to make the World happy once again.

This holiday season, may we all work together and do our part to save the world. The Major Arcana can offer suggestions as to how we might help. They cannot do it alone. They need us to do our part, and make it a Merry Christmas for our World.