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Many readers feel the preparation of a new deck is a very important part of a professional reading. Preparing your deck insures the energies of printing and manufacturing are erased, and replaced by the energies of your own personal space.

Part One: How I Care for Decks Waiting for Adoption

Tarot decks aren’t alive. They are cardboard and ink. Yet, in the hands of a tarot reader, tarot cards seem to come alive to speak truth, bring healing and give direction. There are many reasons this happens. Part of the reason is that tarot works with sacred archetypes. Beyond that, in the five centuries that tarot has existed, each tarot reader, artist and student has added their energy to the body of tarot. Another reason is the power of creativity, and the intentions of the artists who create each deck. Yet another reason is the energy we use to care for our decks.

Unless you designed your deck yourself or purchased an indie custom deck, your tarot deck was made in a factory, and is one of thousands. Yet, when your deck become your own it takes on a specific energy and becomes something unique and one-of-a-kind. We call this ‘bonding’, or ‘connecting’ with your deck, or ‘seasoning’ your deck.

My goal in curating and selling tarot decks is twofold. First, I want to make my all-time favorite tarot decks available to you, incuding beloved classics and exciting brand-new offerings. In this goal, I am especially interested in provided good beginner decks, and decks that are particularly good ‘workhorses’; that is, decks appropriate for readings of all types.

Second, I want to treat the decks I keep in stock as I treat my own new decks. While these decks are waiting for adoption, I will not only keep them safe, I will begin the energy work that will help to ensure your excellent connection with your new deck.

When each deck arrives from the factory, I do three important steps. First, I smudge the deck with sage or palo santo to remove any random energy it may have picked up from production, packing or shipping. Next, I give it a pre-dedication ceremony (see words below). Then, I cleanse it with a selenite wand to make sure it is ready to absorb your energy and bond with you when you receive it. Finally, I bless it with a special wand, giving it my intention for your success with your new deck.

Part Two: How to Dedicate Your Deck

Christiana prepares a deck with sage

Everyone has their own traditions and preferences. These directions include traditional methods. Feel free to adjust your dedication to your specific need and beliefs.

When you receive your deck, think about how you want to use it. Is this deck for personal use, study, professional use, or all three? What do you hope to achieve with this deck? Take a moment and write a dedication for your deck (see sample below).

Once that is accomplished, I suggest that you create sacred space through prayer, or playing music, or by lighting candles or incense. You can invoke elements, angels, saints or ancestors. Call in your energies and entities ask them to attend your deck dedication. Or, you may prefer to simply quiet your mind and address your Higher Self.

If you like, smudge your deck with sage, palo santo or your favorite incense. You may smudge the whole pack at once, or you may take the time to run each card through the smoke.

Once that is complete, read your dedication aloud.

Then, it is time to ‘mark your deck’. This is a time-honored and traditional way to make your new deck your own.

To mark your deck, take a pencil and draw a thin line down its side. When you shuffle the deck, the line will disappear, but the energy will remain.

As you draw the line, send your energy into the deck, making it yours.

Next, mark your deck with your breath by blowing on it.

Finally, mark your deck with your chakras by holding the deck to your heart, your throat and your third eye.

If any of those steps feels unappealing to you, simply skip it. As long as you mark your deck with at least one of these techniques you have created the traditional energetic bond.

You are now ready to begin your study and practice with your new deck.

Remember that every time you shuffle your cards, every time you rap your cards on the table, and every time you place your cards in order, you are energetically cleansing your deck, and returning its energy to this original state of connection.

My Pre-Dedication

I cleanse this sacred tool of its mundane origins and focus on the creative and spiritual energy by which it was created. I hold space for this tool that the person who will most benefit from its wisdom will make it their own. In creating a relationship with this deck, may that individual be given wisdom, knowledge, peace and healing.

A Sample Deck Dedication

I dedicate this deck to my use. I dedicate myself to the study of tarot, and the wisdom that I may gain. From this deck may I learn about matters both spiritual and mundane. With this deck may I receive guidance for my highest good, and for the highest good of those around me. With this deck may I serve to guide, help and heal others who seek me out for readings.