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Overcoming Shyness and Other Obstacles as a Tarot Reader

I received a question from a budding professional tarot reader who is struggling with shyness. She noticed that I had spoken about my own struggles early in my career, and how I overcame them with tarot. She wanted to know how I had done that, and my advice for her. This is something I think a lot of tarotists contend with. The traits that make us mystical often also make us a bit introverted.

I think one of the best ways to create personal change with tarot is to work with Court Card Significators.

The first thing you need to do is find what I call your Native Court Card Significator Do this based on your age, gender identity and sun sign astrology. For example, I am a cisgender adult woman born under the sun sign of Scorpio. Therefore, I am the Queen of Cups, because Scorpio is a water sign.

Now, look at your Court Card Significator and decide the ways in which this card’s attributes help you to be a good tarot reader, and the ways in which they might create obstacles.

If the obstacles outweigh the positive aspects, choose another card, either a Court card or not, to be your Tarot Reader Significator.

Claim this as the card of your tarot reader persona. Meditate with it, sleep with it, print it out and carry it with you. Eventually, this card will start showing up in your self-readings to let you know you are on the right track.

You can also do some great one-card divination exercises to help you access your best skills as a tarot reader. Ask questions like, what should my focus be right now? Or, which card best describes the energy I need to embrace in my tarot practice right now.

By using these techniques, you will harness the power of tarot magick and tarot divination to help you become the best reader you can be.

Watch the video for more information. If you have a question about tarot, please email me.