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Five Ways We Use Intuition in a Tarot Reading

The best tarot readings, whether for self or for others, involve knowledge of the cards and intuition. Intuition is an important part of card interpretation. Intuition informs other aspects of the tarot-reading process as well.

It’s important to differentiate the intuitive and psychic process from our desires and fears. Sometimes we might mistake common wisdom and internalized beliefs for spiritual messages. When we do this, we have circumvented the sacred process of divination.

Meditative exercises that involve a focus on the breath, and on grounding, centering, and clearing are typically the best way to stay connected in the intuitive process.

When the entire reading process, from the first shuffle to the final insight, is guided by intuition, we are likely to have a legitimate and helpful divination experience. The ways intuition can guide a reading are infinite. Here are five ways intuition makes its way into the tarot-reading process.

How We Shuffle, Cut and Pull

How many times we shuffle and cut, and how we pull the cards, can all be guided intuitively. If we engage intuition from the very first moments of our interaction with the cards, we infuse the cards with our energy and intention, and we easily choose the cards we most need to see.

The Questions We Ask

Even when reading for others, we, as readers, should use our intuition to help our clients choose the questions that will be most helpful. We must also use intuition to break down a single question into multiple parts, and to rephrase questions in order to gain the most insight from the cards.

The Spreads and Techniques we Employ

There are so many different techniques for tarot reading. A good reader will be competent at many techniques and spreads. Intuition, as well as experience, helps us decide which spreads and techniques will yield the best results.

Which Classic Interpretations Fit Best

Each tarot card has multiple classic interpretations. Yet, in a reading, some of those interpretations will fit, other won’t. Intuition is an important part of choosing the most appropriate interpretation for the reading.

How the Tarot Images Reflect the Situation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes the tarot images will spark an entire story and will give a great deal of information that goes much deeper than any classic interpretation could. It is intuition that allows this process to unfold.