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Another year has passed, and now it is time to peek at what 2011 might hold in store. Here’s what I see!



Small trends toward economic recovery will bring a welcome bit of optimism in 2011, and a sense of greater cooperation. However, the quarterly numbers for 2011 will fluctuate widely, bringing continued long-term economic uncertainty.

The new political landscape will bring locked horns in Washington, but there will be a few remarkable alliances and achievements for the 2011 legislative season, nonetheless.

Barack Obama is likely to experience a major public relations disaster due to a revelation from his personal life. 

American Idol will produce at least one significant star this year, but the new line-up of judges will fail to win the nation as their predecessors did.

Lady Gaga is likely to suffer a career-changing breakdown or depression.

Oprah’s new project, The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) may not perform as well as expected, causing some to ask, “Is Oprah over?”

Julian Assange will face ongoing legal challenges. He will receive support from a few powerful individuals that will ensure the continuation of his operations.

In 2011, television is likely to welcome a new trend of reality programming. Shows featuring highly produced, very creative amateur videos will level the playing field as never before.

In technology, video conferencing will begin to replace business travel, and cell phone calls will commonly include real-time video.

Practical applications for new solar energy technology will cause excitement.

In medicine, a radical new weight-loss option will become available toward the end of the year, offering new hope for the chronically overweight.

Here in the United States, there will be a nation-wide panic regarding a serious food-borne illness.

The media will place greater attention on the failings of the educational system, as well as the degrading of highways, plumbing and other infrastructure.

There will be increasing focus on the diagnoses and treatment of mental illness, especially anxiety-related disorders.

Angry legal battles in the national spotlight will set new standards for parenting, and will set precedent on the freedom of parents to make choices for their children.

The ongoing recession will foster a blossoming underground economy of barter and sharing. Resourceful Americans will find new ways to exchange goods and services, meeting each other’s needs even in the face of continued unemployment and foreclosures.

Internationally, 2011 will be a year of significant diplomatic successes. The world’s attention will continue to turn to a few worrisome hotspots across the globe, but there is likely not to be serious military escalation during 2011.

Unusual weather patterns will continue across the globe in 2011, but there may be some reprieve in serious storms and natural disasters in 2011. However, there is a strong chance for tragic industrial and transportation accidents this year.

Overall, 2011 may prove to be a relatively peaceful year globally, and a year of intense debate and policy review here in the United States. The answers to economic and environmental sustainability are not likely to come in 2011, but we will at least ask the questions.


As we approach a new year, remember that we have the power to create our own future. The power of free will, positive thought, creative visualization and prayer cannot be underestimated. Together, we have the power to make 2011 the best year ever!

Happy New Year!

Christiana Gaudet

Loxahatchee, FL December 28, 2010