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Seven ChakrasPsychic Circle meets on the first Monday of each month at Unity Church in Jupiter.  It is the brainchild of James Lane of the Jupiter Metaphysics Meetup Group and me.  Each month we meet to enjoy fellowship with like-minded folk in sacred space.  We meditate, exchange readings, and work to understand and develop our psychic gifts.  We have recently started to focus on a particular topic each month.  Our focus for April was Auras.

I led a couple of aura-viewing exercises.  The final one involved having a volunteer stand in front of a candle, against a white wall in a dark room.  With each volunteer, I led the group of observes in focusing and seeing the aura.  The observers were delighted with just how much they could actually see.  The volunteers were delighted with the spontaneous readings that came from the observers.

The overall feeling of empowerment, love and healing was palpable.

For me, the best thing that came out of this meeting had nothing to do with auras.  It was a simple statement from a new group member.  She said that the highest purpose of her psychic ability was to be able to discern her true direction.   

It struck me.  I have been working on manifesting a greater sense of my own direction for some time.  What struck me next was a memory.

When I was in elementary school, I did gymnastics.  We all had Olga Korbut fever.  I was good, but not as good as some of my friends, like Jet, now of Jet’s Dream.

One thing our coach said to me almost forty years ago still resonates.  After watching me work on the mat for a while, she took me aside.  She told me that the tricks I was doing were perfect. And they had been perfect for the past year.  She wanted to know why I hadn’t learned any new tricks.  In fact, I hadn’t even tried any.

At eleven years old, I was already afraid to push beyond my comfort zone. 

This thought had never occurred to me prior to Psychic Circle.  Sometimes healing and change comes from an instant revelation born of thoughtful discussion

In tarot, we might see such an epiphany as the Ace of Swords, or the Ace of Wands.  Judgment, or one of the Pages or Knights, could also express a divine truth revealed.

My truth is that I still have a tendency to stick with what I know I do well, rather than trying to expand and try new things.  It took me years to find the courage to write a book, or keep a blog, even though writing has always been a primary goal.  I have been nervous about expanding my teaching into the on-line environment.  New technology often frustrates me.

The question now is what to do with this new knowledge about myself.

The answer, again, comes from tarot.  Today I am using Lisa Hunt’s Celtic Dragon Tarot.  I pulled three cards to identify the path I need to overcome this tendency.

The three cards, in this order are Tower, Moon, Eight of Wands.

I need to break down the old foundations that no longer serve me, no matter how difficult that might be.  I need to trust my higher intuition and personal power to help me try things that are new and scary.  I need do it quickly, even if I can’t see what the outcome will be.

The profound insight of these three cards is startling, even to me.  There is the heavy spirituality and divine intervention in the two Majors, and an indication of both swift action and true communication (me as a writer, or an on-line teacher?) in the Eight of Wands.  Together, they suggest that the need for me to do this is great, and that my personal revelation at Psychic Circle was anything but random.