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This is just a short entry for today.  I stumbled upon it while looking for something entirely different in my Notes on Facebook.


This was a note I had written and tagged for a few people.  A  lot of people liked it and commented on it. 

It felt like I was channelling these words, not from a passed love one in spirit, but from something more ancient.

Spirit never wants to torture us. Whatever is happening is always happening in our best interest, whether or not we can see it at the moment. The question is, how can you use this experience to your benefit, and what can you learn from it?

Spirit does not want you to suffer. Spirit wants you to relinquish what is no longer useful, and ascend to the next level. Sometimes the path there may be difficult, but it is never either punishment, or disinterest, on the part of Spirit.

(you may exchange the word Angels, God, Goddess, FSM, Allah or whatever in place of Spirit. Spirit doesn’t care.)