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The Weeds Are Propagating!Can anyone identify that quote?  Of course you can.  It’s a great line from an iconic Jethro Tull song, Aqualung. 

Today, I am using this quote to celebrate that my weed is growing and prospering.  This is a follow-up to my “Gardens” post of a few days ago.  Notice that post is illustrated with one pathetic little flower, the weed in my story.

Now look at today’s picture!  Huzzah!  Life wants to be.

Let’s all be like this beautiful weed, popping up everywhere, unexpected, unplanned, and challenging the world with our astounding random beauty.

At the same time, let’s make an effort to notice and appreciate each instance of unexpected random beauty around us.

Today is Beltaine, May First.  All throughout the Northern Hemisphere, people are dancing maypoles, jumping mayfires and drinking from the maybowl.

May we be renewed as the earth is renewed.

May we be fertile as the earth is fertile.

And may we all bloom like madness in the spring!