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World Spirit Tarot Wheel of FortuneWhilst googling for tarot-related news today, I came across an interesting story about a tarot reader in Scotland who claims that her psychic gifts saved her life. 

Professional tarot reader Margaret Solis believes she was prompted  by her brother’s spirit to have a mammogram when she otherwise would not have.  That mammogram revealed her cancer in time to save her life.

Sadly, the story is written in a kind of smarmy way, talking about “messages from beyond the grave” and such   It’s still a nice story, and one I absolutely believe.  It makes a few good side points, too.

The article title refers to Solis specifically as a tarot reader, and the photo shows her with her decks, both Thoth and Waite.  The story refers to her as a clairvoyant.  She receives the life-saving push via her skills as a medium.

Here in the United States, I am constantly asked; “are you JUST a tarot reader?”  From this article, I surmise that, in the UK, it’s understood that professional psychics have many gifts and use a variety of tools.  (Of course, I recognize that professional tarot’s PR problem is that not every tarotist is capable of delivering a professional-quality reading.)

The article tells us that Margaret Solis wants to use her experience to help others by raising awareness about breast cancer.  Worldwide, tarot readers are some of the most generous and community-minded people I know.  It is nice to see one recognized occasionally!

The problem with stories like these, though, is they give the impression that psychics can always download this sort of privileged information for themselves, their loved ones and their clients.

 In professional readings, I have often been able to give health suggestions that clients called “life-saving.”  There have also been  a few times whenI had no indication whatsoever of a cancer lurking, and was unable to sound the alarm.

The same is true in my personal life.  It was in a casual reading for a friend that I saw I would donate a kidney to save her brother’s life.  On the other hand, I was not able to detect my mother’s cancer until the “health event” I finally saw in her palm was stage four.

Does this mean I’m a spotty psychic?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I have the reputation of being one of the best around.  I think whenever we open ourselves to the wisdom of the Universe, as we do in psychic reading, we need to remember what I like to call “The Universal Prerogative.”

Sometimes it is Universal will that a disease be caught and cured in time.  Sometimes it’s not. 

This has been one of my greatest frustrations as a reader.  I have felt so blessed, and gratified, when clients have called to thank me for sending them to the doctor, or alerting them to potential hazard.  I felt less than helpful when I wasn’t able to see a disease developing in a favorite longstanding client.

 I wondered why I was able to help Betty, and not Jane?  The answer, in retrospect, is clear. 

 First, it’s not about me.

 It’s not about my ego, or my success or failure.  It is simply about opening up to hear whatever the Universe knows we need to hear. 

 Second, both Betty and Jane were helped by their readings.  Each heard what they needed to hear.  And what they needed to hear was the Universe’s prerogative, not mine.

I remember a client many years ago who came for a second reading after her husband died unexpectedly.  I had not warned her of his impending death, or told her of a way to avoid it.  Apparently, the Universe felt she didn’t need to know, and it couldn’t, or shouldn’t ,be stopped.

What I did tell her a year before her husband died turned out to be a great comfort.  I told her exactly what I saw, which was that her husband, though brave, had one terrible fear.  That fear was that he would lose his beautiful wife to an untimely death.  I saw his fear, and it was palpable.

She confirmed that he had verbalized this fear many times.  I told her to tell him never to worry about this again, that it would not happen.  He would never suffer that terrible loss.

As frustrating as it is, I have come to appreciate the Universal Prerogative.  It keeps me humble, and reminds me who the boss is.

Many of the Major Arcana cards remind us of that same thing.  The Wheel of Fortune, for instance, tells us that we are all subject to the Fates.  The Hanged Man tells us that if we can’t change our situation we have to change our attitude.  And Death, well, change will come whether we like it or not.

As one of the greatest tarotists of our time, Mary K. Greer, says, “Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way.”

When tarot and our psychic gifts can help us avoid a disaster, it’s a wonderful thing.  When they give us the information we need to get through the disaster, it’s still a wonderful thing.

Good luck to you, Margaret Solis!