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The Flowers are growing!For those of you who have followed the saga of my hearty little weed who wants to be, check out this picture.  I have done nothing to nurture or nourish this plant, except to send it love and gratitude every day.

Every day it gets a little bigger, and almost every day gives us more blossoms.

Right now, this plant is my biggest teacher.

I often speak with serious spiritual students who are outgrowing their teachers, or their school of thought, or their modality.  They feel disillusioned, especially if their system requires extreme reverence for the elders and teachers.

The fact is, human teachers, just like human parents, will never live up to the expectations set by their students and children.

I tell my students to explore as many teachers, and paths, as possible. 

Pete Seeger says, and I often quote him, that the truth is like a rabbit in a briar patch.  So the more teachers and traditions we employ, the more likely we are to surround that bunny and catch it when it makes its escape from the brambles.

When a teacher suggests they should be the only teacher, or that there is only one truth . . . well, that’s the teacher to avoid.

Higher power gave us many teachers, and not all of them are human.

Our pets are our teachers, as are the rocks and the birds and  the trees.

From my little flower, I learn to bloom where I am planted, just as it has done.  I learn that nature can beat great odds.  I learn to reach for the sun. I learn to find beauty everywhere.  And I learn that Spirit has a hand in everything.