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I believe in synchronicity.  I tell my students to look for it, in all things.  What that means is to pay attention to the repetition of seemingly random occurrences.

For instance, I was recently speaking with a friend who was telling me of her new Chi Gong practice.  In the tradition she is learning, there are sounds for each of the organs.  If you make the sound of an organ, you support it and help it to be healthier.

I never knew there were organ sounds.  I knew about sound healing, to some extent.  I have worked with drums, didgeridoo, rattles and singing bowls with great results.  I knew the chakras had sounds associated with them.  But I had never heard of organ sounds.

A day after that conversation about organ sounds, a different friend handed me a book.  I flipped through it, and saw a chart of organ sounds!

That’s a great example of synchronicity.  Having never before heard of organ sounds, I hear about it from two different sources two day in a row.  I guess I need to pay attention.

Here’s where it always gets complicated.  My Chi Gong friend told me the sound to support the kidneys is “Hey.”  The book from the other friend, from a different tradition, says the kidney sound is “Chew.”

This kind of thing stumps my tarot students constantly.  Each tradition of every modality has it a little different.  This is enough to frustrate many spiritual seekers to the point of doubting the veracity of any spiritual path.

When I see that kind of frustration, I try to remind my students of the miracle to which they are witness.

If we refuse to be caught up in figuring out which tradition is more correct, we can focus on the one startling truth.  More than one culture independently discovered a relationship between sounds and organ health.

We see these sorts of similarities between traditions as culturally, historically and geographically different as Wicca and Feng Shui, for instance.  Each honors the concept of the elements of life, and each uses a pentagram to describe them.  The actual elements and their properties vary between the traditions, but the concepts remain similar.

Sometimes these similarities and synchronicities are archetypes; themes and characters that recur in cultural stories.  Even the Christian story of Jesus is an archetype.  Throughout mythology worldwide, there are stories of Gods sacrificed for the good of the people, and stories of beings parented by gods in union with humans.  Pythagoras himself was rumored to be the son of Apollo.

One thing I see as ultimate proof of the existence of a Higher Power is that virtually all cultures have indigenous spiritual practice.  Even without books and telecommunication, and before invasion and conversion, everyone seems to have some sort of religion.  The particulars vary, but the important truths remain the same.

I cite two other things as proof of Higher Power.  First, simply, is love.  Our ability to love one another is the surest proof of both the existence and nature of God/dess.

Second, is our ability to evolve.  Even when raised by wolves, many people are able to evolve into compassion and ethics. When not instilled by parents or society, what could inspire and teach compassion and ethics?  The only logical answer for me, once again, is Higher Power.

I believe that High Power often speaks directly to us through synchronicity.  All we have to do is pay attention.

Tarot is a tool of synchronicity, and, as such, part of the language of Spirit.  If you work with tarot for any length of time, you will see that specific cards continue to appear until a situation is resolved.  The synchronicity of the cards makes them impossible to ignore or dismiss as a simple game or parlor trick.

The synchronicities we see in life make it impossible for me to believe that life is accidental.